Preschooler (2 1/2- 4 Years)

In our Preschool programs teachers provide experiences in all areas of development and believe that children learn best by doing and exploring the world around them. They involve the children in the planning of activities by remaining an active participant in their play and building on their interests, core knowledge and emerging skills. Large and small group activities take place daily to encourage independence, build relationships with the teachers and children and help build social skills.  The classroom is set up in centers to provide multiple learning experiences for the children. Each room has a house center, science center, creative and sensory areas, block center as well as a book center. Meal time is used to encourage self- help skills as the children begin to serve themselves and make choices. Outdoor time is used to develop gross motor skills; climbing, running, balancing, jumping, throwing, riding bikes and interactive games. Our preschool programs do consist of a rest period in which the children are provided their own cot. We realize not all children in this age group require a nap however we do encourage quiet play during this time to balance out all the activity of the day.

Teacher/child ratio is 1:8 in the preschool room.

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